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'Ghost Of Tsushima' Fans Organise Return To Tsushima Event For Next Month

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'Ghost Of Tsushima' Fans Organise Return To Tsushima Event For Next Month

Ghost Of Tsushima was one of the runaway successes of 2020, following the samurai warrior Jin Sakai in his defense of his home from the Mongolian invaders. In time for its one year anniversary, players are planning to celebrate the acclaimed action-adventure game with a "Return to Tsushima" community event.


Sucker Punch Productions is recognised for its inFAMOUS series, which is set in fictional versions of American cities and centres on individuals with superpowers being hunted by government agencies due to their abilities. Naturally, shifting to a stealth game located on a small Japanese island and taking place in the feudal era is quite the chop and change. In order to ensure that the experience was as accurate and as artistic as possible, the team took notes from Akira Kurosawa films like Seven Samurai. Moreover, the developer flew an audio team out to Japan to record birdsong so that it would be specific to specific areas of the game. "The dense forests of the southern part of the island, Izuhara, have the lushest biophony with regards to birdsong, while moving into the wetlands of Toyotama introduce a lot more amphibians and very specific birds, like the Tancho (the red-crowned crane)," explained the game's audio director, Rev. Dr. Bradley D Meyer, in an interview.

It's for these reasons that players were so stunned by the dedication to detail in Ghost Of Tsushima, and how it earned a spot on our favourite games for the PlayStation 4. Check out the rest of the roster of must-plays in our video below.



From out of the blue, Ghost Of Tsushima impressed critics and players alike, and it snagged the Player's Voice award at The Game Awards 2020. With its one year anniversary on the horizon, players want to show their appreciation for the game and for the developer with a "Return To Tsushima" event. Reddit user RikuSage suggested the idea and it's been met with a warm welcome from the community. "Return? I never left. Who else is gonna kill these Mongol Hordes?" joked Chango_D. "This is a good enough excuse for me to finally buy this game again, this time for the PS5 and finally dive into the multiplayer mode... not to mention my birthday is on the 16th and this game is one of my all time favorites," shared Swimming-Ad2691.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends launched not long after the game did, and it brings to life the stories that villagers would tell each other of Oni and other mythical monsters. There are four classes (Samurai, Hunter, Ronin and Assassin) and squads of two to four players are able to enter the formidable survival mode to fend off waves and waves of enemies. So, save the date, add some new friends, order takeaway and hey presto, you've got a smashing evening ahead of you.

Featured Image Credit: Sucker Punch Productions

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