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Playing 'Horizon Zero Dawn' In VR Is Both Breathtaking And Terrifying

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Playing 'Horizon Zero Dawn' In VR Is Both Breathtaking And Terrifying

The beauty of Horizon Zero Dawn's world is simply stunning and the journey that Aloy embarks upon to stop the extinction of humans and understand who she is takes us to what remains of Arizona, Colorado, Montana and Utah. As nature erodes skyscrapers, stadiums, statues and more, it's one of those places that you wish you could explore for real - the terror of being hunted by enormous robot crocodiles notwithstanding. So this virtual reality mod for the game has knocked our socks off and then some, putting the player straight into Aloy's shoes and this incredible yet desolate future.


Luke Ross is the mind behind the mod and he's also released first-person VR mods for Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Mafia 3. This mod that transforms the experience of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC is available for his Patreon supporters, however, YouTubers Cas and Chary VR have shown off the mod in a preview on their own channel.

Check out gameplay of the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, in the video below!



Of course, I've waxed lyrical about the environments that Guerrilla Games have designed as a mix of the real geography of those regions and that high-contrast colouring of nature documentaries to create a hypnotic effect. However, hiding in the grass as the robots that stalk the land sweep past is truly terrifying. They were formidable foes in the first instance yet attacks like the Behemoth's rock chucking and the Glinthawk's snowballs literally look like they're flying towards you. It's so scary and an wonderful way of immersing yourself in the world that is the only one that Aloy and company have ever known.

The mod allows the user to switch first-person mode on or off and Cas suggests swapping to third-person mode for climbing and if you prefer to have a higher awareness of your surroundings. The mod will also switch to third person mode in cutscenes and conversations. In order to install the mod, all you need to do is drop the files into the game's folder, start "RealConfig.bat" and Bob's your uncle.

Featured Image Credit: Guerrilla Games, Luke Ross, Cas and Chary VR via YouTube

Topics: Horizon Zero Dawn, PC, VR, PlayStation

Imogen Donovan
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