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Aunt May Nearly Wasn't In 'Marvel's Spider-Man' Because She's Too Wrinkly

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Aunt May Nearly Wasn't In 'Marvel's Spider-Man' Because She's Too Wrinkly

Insomniac Games, the developer of the simply spectacular Marvel’s Spider-Man, almost cut Aunt May out of the game because she is too old and wrinkly. 


Give me a second to take a deep, calming breath here. Ok. I’m fine. Speaking in an interview with games radar, writer Dan Slott revealed that Insomniac Games wasn’t keen on Aunt May being physically present in the game’s storyline. The issue was that portraying her age would have taken a lot of time and that effort could have been spent elsewhere. 

Check out the trailer for the sequel below!



"They were telling me the reality of it; according to them, old characters - wrinkly characters - to make them look good and realistic, it takes a big amount of work,” recalled Slott. “Equal to what they could use to create five other characters." The developer agreed that Aunt May should be included, as she is important to Peter Parker, but her voice could be heard over an answering machine or on the phone to circumvent the need for a character model. 

Apparently, Slott replied, “look, Marisa Tomei [the actor who plays Aunt May in the most recent Spider-Man movies] isn't that old. Aunt May doesn't have to be super wrinkly; she can be less wrinkly'." Well, we know that those conversations found a resolution, and the scenes with the character are some of the most affecting in the entire epic storyline. 

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is slated for a release in 2023 and our hype is off the charts with these comments from Bill Rosemann, boss of Marvel Games. “There are a lot of threads, a lot of characters that were in the first two games that you'll see again,” he said. “It's everything you loved, but more."


That isn’t to say that the game will be retreading the same steps. "If the first Spider-Man game was Star Wars, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is kind of our Empire Strikes Back," teased Rosemann, adding that players should get ready for a “darker” journey as the web-slinging hero.

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