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PlayStation 5 Trophy Wins Will Be Immortalised Forever In Video Clips

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PlayStation 5 Trophy Wins Will Be Immortalised Forever In Video Clips

PlayStation 5 looks like it has it all. A great list of upcoming games, a UI that people are in love with, a controller with an Easter Egg, and to top it off, it takes up enough space to start paying its owners rent. A fun new feature has just been added to the list, though, in the form of recording your trophy wins.


Now when you earn a trophy on a PlayStation 5, it will record a snippet of what you did to achieve your goal. Greg Miller shows off the feature in a Kinda Funny video when he got his very first PlayStation 5 Trophy in Astro's Playground.

If you've owned a PS4 then you know that the PlayStation used to save a screenshot of when the trophy icon would appear in the top of your screen. Often this wasn't really enough to be able to tell what happened for you to win the trophy, but it was a nice reminder of the journey you took to get there.

Now on PlayStation 5, Sony has evolved that idea so you can simply watch a nice edit of your achievement. Short but very sweet, and a much better medium to remember trophies by and also an easy thing to share with your friends. It gives you a lead up to the moment too, just so you can revel in all your gameplay's glory.


Miller's trophy happens to be in Astro's Playground, the preloaded game on PlayStation 5. You can try all the new console's features without spending anything on a new game first, like the controller's haptic feedback.

PlayStation 5's are landing in the US on November 12, and for the UK and EU we'll be getting them November 19. Can't wait to get on that trophy train.

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