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PlayStation 5's Most Annoying Bug Has Returned, Months After Being Fixed

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PlayStation 5's Most Annoying Bug Has Returned, Months After Being Fixed

One of the PlayStation 5's most irritating issues has managed to worm its way back into the system, despite Sony having released a patch to fix it earlier this year.


The PS5, like any new console, has had its fair share of teething problems over the last year. One of the more substantial hiccups to arise from the hardware was a disc installation glitch that played havoc with anyone attempting to upgrade their physical PlayStation 4 games to the enhanced new-gen version. The long and short of it is that the PS5 would automatically install the PS4 version of games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales or Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order without offering players the option of downloading the free new-gen upgrade.


It goes without saying that this quickly became a pain for players looking to take full advantage of their shiny new-gen console, especially since it wasn't always clear the last-gen version of the game had been installed until it was already downloaded and ready to play. The issue was patched after just a few months, thankfully, but new player reports seem to suggest it's returned from the darkness.


As reported by VGC, players are once again accidentally installing the older versions of their games without any prompts or warnings from the console. Reddit user Insatiablecannabista said that the PS4 version of Death Stranding Director's Cut keeps trying to install itself on their PS5, while have confirmed similar issues in trying to access the PS5 version of Tales of Arise.

"It would be nice if you have a PS5 and buy the PS5 game, if it would just replace/overwrite the PS4 version," wrote one frustrated user. "That way it wouldn't think that it needs to install the PS4 version because it would still think it's installed, even though it would be the PS5 version."

Sony has yet to officially respond to the issue.

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