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68-Year-Old Smashes Through 'Horizon Zero Dawn', Grabs Platinum

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68-Year-Old Smashes Through 'Horizon Zero Dawn', Grabs Platinum

Gaming is gaining a lot of popularity with those in their twilight years, and on occasion, their skill puts the spring chickens to shame. Consider Dianne, who snagged the platinum trophy for Horizon Zero Dawn this week.


This trend was surely accelerated through the social distancing measures put in place across the world that attempted to constrain the spread of the coronavirus. Friends and family were no longer able to pop over for a cuppa and furlough schemes meant that a proportion of people had more free time for things they might have missed out on in their day-to-day. Additionally, games are a great way of bridging generations, be they board, card, or video.

"It's nurturing that family bond," explained Dr Lynn Love, a lecturer at Abertay University, in an interview with Ewan last year. "I think it's the problem solving aspect of it, you know, having to problem solve, also that knowledge sharing, because we found that 50% of adults were being taught by their children, and 25% of them never picked up a controller before."

Aloy's journey continues in Horizon Forbidden West which will be her greatest challenge yet, facing the strange origins of a plague that threatens all organic life. Check out a snippet of gameplay right here.



We love these sorts of stories because it shows that gaming is becoming more and more appealing to people of all stripes, and that they are jumping feet first into the medium that we champion here at GAMINGbible. Reddit user carneferious shared a photo of the platinum trophy for Horizon Zero Dawn, as achieved by their 68-year-old mother. This is a feat that has only been earned by five per cent of all players in the four years since its launch on PlayStation 4, so hats off to Dianne.


A fair few of the trophies in Horizon Zero Dawn are story-related, and they'll pop up as the player progresses through Aloy's saga across what remains of Colorado. However, speaking as a person who is slowly chugging through the game right now, some of these achievements ask for serious skill and awareness of the player. For example, getting the highest rank possible in the timed Hunting Grounds trials, destroying machines under elemental effects, or finding all of the collectables. It's one massive map and it would be forgivable if Dianne got fatigued from ticking off every single trophy.

Yet, she carried on like a champ and got the trophy to prove her commitment and passion for Horizon Zero Dawn. Expectedly, the response to the achievement has been nothing but wholesome. "That's awesome! She'd school me in games I bet," said tofudisan. "Congrats to you gamer mom!!!!" added Zetsuo22.

Featured Image Credit: Tima Miroshnichenko via Pexels, Guerrilla Games

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Imogen Donovan
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