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Gamer Finally Gets A PlayStation 5, Lightning Strike Bricks It

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Gamer Finally Gets A PlayStation 5, Lightning Strike Bricks It

Clutch whatever and whichever good luck charms you have while you read this unfortunate story about a gamer whose house was struck by lightning, totally bricking their prized PlayStation 5.


There's a saying that lightning never strikes twice in the same place. If idioms aren't your strong point, this doesn't specifically pertain to storms, it means something of a significant scale that happens once is unlikely to happen again. So, as this person had gotten their mitts on a PlayStation 5 before the heavens intervened, it's going to be one heck of a slog to track down another one.

The primary reason behind the shortage of PlayStation 5s is the pandemic. As the Asian countries were hit first and hit hard by the virus, a number of key manufacturing centres in the global economy were shut down for some time. Ergo, the availability of semiconductors - components that are used in everything from cars to cameras to phones and so on - is at the behest of the highest bidder. It might be a surprise, but Sony isn't in this one of these, especially compared to the revenues of Apple, Samsung and Google.

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"I was gone for a week and lightning hit my house, PS5 bricked," said dogen_lives_in_glass on Reddit, sharing a photo of the lifeless corpse of the console. "Don't take your console for granted and enjoy today's update, everyone!"


This isn't actually the first time we've heard of this happening. Reddit user yawran had two PlayStation 5s destroyed by a thunderstorm. Yet, there is a similarity in these two instances. Both gamers used surge protectors to... protect their consoles but this appears to have done nothing to prevent this tragic occurrence.

As a result, players are now taking the advice to unplug their devices while storms are forecast for their local area in order to reduce the likelihood of the product being bricked by a lightning strike. Happily, dogen_lives_in_glass found another user who had suffered the same thing and had sent their PlayStation 5 to Sony for repairs. Fingers crossed everything's fixable.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Marvel Studios

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