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Mindblowing PlayStation 5 Motorcycle Sim Looks Just Like Real Life


Mindblowing PlayStation 5 Motorcycle Sim Looks Just Like Real Life

Ride 4, which was originally released for PC and the previous generation of consoles a year ago, looks utterly unbelievable running on a PlayStation 5. Seriously, if I didn't know it was a game, I'd be fooled into thinking this was real.


You might recall our Mark Foster's feature on the PlayStation 5. Not the one where he praises the console's awesome technical capabilities, the other one. Where he says that his PlayStation 5 is lying dormant and only stirring for an occasional The Simpsons marathon. While assurances like super speedy loading times and immersive haptic feedback have been all well and good, we're still awaiting a game that knocks our socks off.

Something that truly shows what this chunk of plastic and circuitry that looks like it's been lifted from the set of Star Trek is able to achieve. Today, our prayers may have been answered in the form of Ride 4, which came out for the next generation of consoles in January.

What was my first PlayStation platinum trophy? Gee, I'll cast my mind back to... November of last year, when I finished playing Astro's Playroom. Check out all of the adorable Easter eggs below!



Joy of Gaming, a YouTube channel that specialises in the performance of games on the PlayStation 5, uploaded this video of the motorcycle sim on the zippy console and it looks fantastic.


Ride 4 flaunts an enviable level of detail with CAD data, laser and 3D scanning for every single asset used in the game. Moreover, a new day and night cycle and dynamic weather makes those gloomy clouds and spitting rain look extremely real on the windshield.

Subtle reflections on the road show patches where the water has started to evaporate and the mirrors are mesmeric in the way they accurately reproduce the environment behind the player.

The new gen version of Ride 4 allows for 4K dynamic resolutions and 60 frames per second while gaming, and though we can't tell from the video, it also employs the DualSense's adaptive triggers to "transmit the same sensations as their real-life counterparts" on the gas and brake levers.


The only thing that really alerts me to the fact that this isn't real is that the riders' movements are a little too smooth. Which is saying something. Ride 4 is out now for PC, last gen and new gen consoles.

Featured Image Credit: Milestone

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Imogen Donovan
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