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We Wanted 'WipEout' Back, But Not Like This


We Wanted 'WipEout' Back, But Not Like This

So. There was a rumour rumbling that the anti-grav racing series WipEout would be returning on the PlayStation 5. It transpires that this was only somewhat true, with the reveal of wipEout Rush on its way to mobiles in 2022.


The issue here doesn't lie in the fact that it's been made for mobiles. Mobile gaming is an absolutely enormous part of the industry and rakes in enviable amounts of cheddar for their respective developers. To hammer the point home, Call of Duty Mobile saw a record-breaking launch with 100 million downloads in its first week and has generated more than $1 billion in player spending.

Hardly something to sniff at, I'm sure we'll all agree. WipEout of course is an iconic racing series boasting a brilliant soundtrack to every one of its games and snappy, flashy visuals. And wipEout Rush probably has both of these, but developer Rogue has taken players out of the driver's seat and into the manager's cushy chair.

Take a look at the announcement trailer below!



"Players will be able to unlock collectable cards to learn more about the ships, teams, pilots, and tracks of the WipEout world as they progress through an engaging single-player campaign told through exciting animated comics," reads the description on the developer's website. So, you collect cards rather than car parts? The latter would make sense with the aim to discover lore about WipEout. You could find a decal that was on a legendary car and then learn more that way.

Well. It will be right up the street for some of the fans, but a lot of them are airing their disappointment at the direction the series has taken. If you search "wipeout rush" on YouTube, the second result is ribbing the game and fans for expecting a new entry on the PlayStation 5.


"The music, visuals and comic book story all seem pretty cool. But it's a card game? I'm sorry, what?!" said one. Even Rogue is expecting some criticism, with CEO Matt Casamassina saying that he hopes fans approach the game with an "open mind".

"If I want that visceral, immersive, intense racing experience, I'll find it waiting on PlayStation," he said in an interview with IGN. "But at the same time, we're delighted that we could rethink WipEout for mobile with some fun new play mechanics and gorgeous visuals."

Featured Image Credit: Rogue

Topics: PlayStation, Retro Gaming

Imogen Donovan
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