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PlayStation Plus Subscribers Receive Huge Bonus Freebie Ahead Of Service Overhaul

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PlayStation Plus Subscribers Receive Huge Bonus Freebie Ahead Of Service Overhaul

It looks like the long-rumoured PlayStation Plus overhaul may finally be in motion. A number of subscribers have noticed that their PlayStation Now accounts have been replaced by PlayStation Plus, while others have discovered that their PS Plus subscriptions now include access to PS Now.


It's been rumoured for a while now that PlayStation is planning a complete overhaul of its PS Plus online service. The new and improved PS Plus, currently codenamed Spartacus, is said to be made up of three tiers.

The cheapest tier is expected to resemble PS Plus as we already know it, but the two pricier tiers will include some kind of access to the library of games currently available via the PS Now streaming service. It's also believed that PlayStation will drop the PS Now name as it becomes part of the new PS Plus.



Late last night, a NeoGAF forum user posted that he'd just renewed his PS Plus subscription for the year, and was surprised to find they also have access to the PS Now for the same duration. It would appear that's not an error or glitch, and that he has compete access to the PS Now library.

"I never had PS Now and never signed up for it," they wrote. "I even checked my debit card and i was only charged for the PS plus. I know Sony wants to introduce a Game Pass equivalent, is this the start of it?"

Other users on Reddit and NeoGAF are are claiming to have had similar experiences, with some PS Now subscribers reporting that PS Now has vanished from their subscription list and been replaced with PS Plus.


One Redditor wrote: "Just checked my subscriptions, PS Now is gone, only showing PS plus now but the end date is when my PS Now subscription would have end (September 2023)"

IGN Italia also reports that it attempted to purchase a PS Now subscription as a PS Plus subscriber to see what would happen. It discovered that if a PS Plus user with a 12-month subscription buys just one month of PS Now, they'll end up with 12 months of both.

Unfortunately we weren't able to replicate this on our end, which would suggest that whatever is happening is either a very strange bug, or the very beginnings of PlayStation rolling out its new PS Plus service. Or very possibly both! We'll update you as soon as we learn more.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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Ewan Moore
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