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PlayStation Plus Update Adds Feature Fans Have Waited Years For

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PlayStation Plus Update Adds Feature Fans Have Waited Years For

I’m not entirely sure how it took this long, but PlayStation has finally, finally updated PlayStation Plus to include a super basic feature that fans have been asking for for years now. 


As unbelievable as this might sound, it’s never actually been possible for PlayStation Plus subscribers to outright purchase one of the free games they’ve already redeemed. You might be asking yourself why anyone would want or need the option to buy a game that they’ve already downloaded and claimed for free, and that’s a fair question! But it’s worth noting that if you ever end your PS Plus subscription for any reason, you lose access to those free games. 


You can obviously then go right ahead and purchase any previously redeemed games, but the lack of option to buy a game you’ve already claimed while subscribed always seemed like a pretty weird oversight. Some of us aren’t consistently subscribed to PS Plus, after all, and it's always nice to have the ability to permanently pick up a game instead of my ability to play it being tied to a subscription. 


There have been, for example, a few instances in the past where a game I’d already redeemed via PS Plus had been on sale for an excellent price. Of course as a PS Plus subscriber who technically already had the game, I couldn’t take advantage. 

Fortunately this recent update has finally addressed this odd little hiccup. As reported by PlayStation Universe, it’s now entirely possible for subscribers to choose between two options on a game that they redeemed via PS Plus. They can either choose to download it for free as part of their subscription benefits, or pay the asking price and own it forever. 

Maybe that’s not the biggest update to the service ever, but it’s one a lot of us have been waiting for. 

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Ewan Moore
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