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PS5 Release Delayed In India Because PlayStation Doesn't Own The Trademark

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PS5 Release Delayed In India Because PlayStation Doesn't Own The Trademark

It sounds as if PlayStation may have to delay launching the PS5 in India because someone in Delhi has already nabbed the trademark. That seems like both an incredible oversight on the part of Sony and some galaxy-brained thinking on the part of whoever saw their chance to secure such a valuable name for themselves.

As reported by The Mako Reactor, publicly viewable documentation proves that a Delhi resident by the name of Hitesh Aswani filed a trademark for the PS5 name in India back in 2019. Incredibly, PlayStation only thought to try and secure the trademark to their own console in February this year. Do you feel like someone maybe forgot they had this really important job? That's the vibe I'm getting, but I sympathise. I once went to work and left my front door open all day.

PlayStation 5 / Credit: Sony
PlayStation 5 / Credit: Sony

At the moment it seems that both Aswani's and Sony's application for the right to the PS5 name have been "Opposed". This implies that the Indian Government body that deals with such matters is currently looking into it. I'd have assumed that PlayStation would simply have to buy the rights back from Aswani because he got there first, but clearly I'm an idiot and things don't work that way.

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Given that the PlayStation 5 is supposed to launch in November, which is a matter of weeks away, I'd assume that the next-gen console will see a bit of a delay in India while this matter is worked out. The company of course can't sell something called PS5 until it has the right to the name. Sure enough, Android Central notes that Indian customers haven't even gotten the option to try for a pre-order yet.

The good news is that this is incredibly unlikely to ever happen to PlayStation for the next few decades - at least in Japan. Last year the company filed trademarks for the PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10, clearly in a bid to ensure that the Japanese equivalent of Aswani doesn't step in to scupper their future plans.

Hopefully PlayStation will learn from this unique experience and have the foresight to secure the trademark for the PS6 in India with a little more than a year to go before it releases. That's if our boy Aswasni hasn't already swiped it.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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