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Epic Games Offered Sony $200m For PlayStation Ports On Its Store

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Epic Games Offered Sony $200m For PlayStation Ports On Its Store

In the past, Epic Games approached Sony with a $200 million agreement for a handful of its PC ports of PlayStation titles, which was uncovered through the Apple and Epic Games lawsuit.


The document from which this tidbit comes was a part of the ongoing trial that Epic Games has levied against Apple. The proceedings of this legal tussle have led to a lot of things that were previously considered confidential to become evidence in either the prosecution or the defence's basket. Ergo, every Tom, Dick and Harry is able to nosey into some of the biggest companies in the world's business - for example, the profits generated by Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony were shared from an internal report conducted by Microsoft last year. The results were curious, and I challenge you to guess who's in the top ten. Anyway, this particular document from Epic Games was uploaded to the public server for the case and someone snagged a download to share on Resetera.

Here are the games that led us to fall in love with the PlayStation 4, from Shadow of the Colossus to Crash Bandicoot to Nier Automata. See if you can spy any of your favourites in our video below.



So, the text shows that Epic Games had a plan to contact Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony for possible sales deals for the Epic Games Store. In the case of Microsoft, the company found that these discussions didn't bear fruit because they are essentially competitors for the same thing in the same space. Phil Spencer and Gabe Newell were mentioned regarding their professional relationship which was another roadblock for Epic Games. Nintendo was described as a "non starter," on the other hand. And as for Sony, the document says that it had offered the Japanese company a $200 million minimum guarantee agreement for "4-6 titles" to feature on the Epic Games Store. At the time of writing, it was said to be "awaiting feedback" on the proposal.

Seeing as Death Stranding, Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone are available on Steam and not on the Epic Games Store, it's plausible that Sony rejected Epic Games. However, it's the number of PC ports that were sought after by the developer of Fortnite that has raised eyebrows. Earlier this year, PlayStation's big cheese Jim Ryan stated that there are more PC ports waiting in the wings, yet what these are is yet to be announced. There's a theory that it'll be Bloodborne, and others have suggested that Ghost of Tsushima and God Of War are the next to make the leap. Those would have been major gets for Epic Games, if the deal did go through. It's perhaps possible that Sony pushed back and only gave Epic Games the rights to distribute the PC ports of one or two games rather than "4-6." Well, the trial is continuing for 17 days, so we'll be back with any more information as events pan out.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Santa Monica, Bend Studio

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Imogen Donovan
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