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'Spider-Man: Miles Morales' Spider-Verse Suit Is Animated Just Like In The Movie

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'Spider-Man: Miles Morales' Spider-Verse Suit Is Animated Just Like In The Movie

With the PlayStation 5 comes Spider-Man: Miles Morales - the continuation of one of the PlayStation 4's best games, Marvel's Spider-Man from 2018. This game managed to catch lightning in a bottle. It made you really feel like you were playing with Peter Parker and his life while swinging around a beautifully rendered New York City. What could be better?


Well, how about swinging around New York City like you're not just Miles Morales but Miles Morales from Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse? That would be another level of cool, so Insomniac Games has given us exactly that.

The development team have added a suit into Spider-Man: Miles Morales which reflects the animation and style of Miles Morales from Into The Spider-Verse. The animated film is famous for its beautiful styling and usage of animation to give viewers a deep understanding of character - the example people often quote is that as Miles gets more comfortable with swinging around, his framerate gets smoother too.

Justin K Thompson, the production designer on Into The Spider-Verse introduces this animated Spider Suit on behalf on Insomniac, essentially giving the Suit the animated film's blessing before we get to see it in action.


And what can we say? It's phenomenal. The way Miles looks like he just stepped out of the film is uncanny. The suit runs at a different framerate to the rest of the world and so when Miles is swinging through New York it creates this dazzling stop animation effect. Even the spray-painted Spider-Man logo on his back looks great.

When Miles enters combat, he also gets comic-style pop-up words like "Thnokk" and "Zap" come up when you hit bad guys in the game. Sometimes little comic book stars appear too which is extra special.


What we really want to get across to you is that suit seems really special. It celebrates one of the best animated films ever made, and while we're all working out how to stuff as many frames into games as we can - sometimes prioritising styling and art has just as a profound effect on the vision of a game.

Featured Image Credit: Sony / Insomniac

Topics: PlayStation 5, Spider-Man

Imogen Mellor
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