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'The Last Of Us Part 2' Player Works Out It's Possible To Kill Tommy


'The Last Of Us Part 2' Player Works Out It's Possible To Kill Tommy

With Naughty Dog's multi-award-winning but crunched-like-crazy The Last of Us Part II having been out for over a year now, I'm fairly comfortable with talking plot points without you lot screaming spoilers at me, like a swarm of shrieking harpies. But! If you're playing the game right now, or intend to for the first time very soon, probably click somewhere else, now. Try here. Or here. Go on, off you toddle.


Okay, for those of us who are still here... Tommy, right? Bit of a dick in the second game. Joel's brother obviously has reasons for being rather angry about everything, given what plays out in The Last of Us Part II - but he's hardly the most endearing NPC in the big-budget, PlayStation-exclusive sequel. And no doubt some players, if they could, would get rid of him, given the chance.

Here's our video review of The Last of Us Part II



Well, here is that chance. As reported by GamesRadar+, when control switches away from Ellie and onto Abby, there's an opportunity to take Tommy down, and right out of the game. The moment presents itself when Abby and her colleague Manny are trying to avoid being shot by a mystery sniper as they navigate Seattle's marina. Spoiler: the sniper is Tommy, and he reveals himself towards the end of the sequence, only to pull down a shutter between Abby and himself.

However, as revealed in this new video by Speclizer, (very) speedy players will be able to get under that shutter before Tommy's slammed it down. Once next to Tommy, the NPC doesn't immediately attack, so Abby can pull out whatever she has and fire it into him, without all that much resistance. Grabbing the injured Tommy will enable a stealth execution, which leaves him ragdolled on the floor. RIP, brother.

What this means for later in the game, when Tommy shows up to see Ellie and Dina and tells them about the Santa Barbara Fireflies base, I'm not sure - but presumably that plays out as intended. (It'd be super weird if it didn't.) If anyone tries this Tommy take-down and continues to play beyond what we see in the Speclizer video (embedded, below, with the Tommy kill at the beginning), do let us know.


Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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