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The PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller Has A Problem We Can't Un-See


The PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller Has A Problem We Can't Un-See

Apropos of nothing, there's a teeny tiny design flaw on the DualSense, and it's driving users to distraction because once you've seen it, you can't un-see it.

The PlayStation 5's controller is a marvellous bit of tech. It creates an entirely new feeling of immersion in its adaptive triggers and intricate haptic feedback systems. The triggers react to what is going on in the game, and developers have praised the possibilities. In Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, the Enforcer is a dual-barreled shotgun which will have the heft of an actual shotgun, compartmentalised in the controller.

"As you pull the trigger, you'll fire from one barrel, and you can feel resistance around halfway down the trigger. Need a bigger blast? Pull the trigger through that resistance point and you'll fire both barrels at the same time," explained creative director Marcus Smith. Similarly, players walking the streets of Ghostwire: Tokyo will feel how their abilities are "charging, loading, and a sense of accumulation of power or energy" through the triggers.

It's very impressive. That's not even touching on the power of the haptic feedback, which is so sensitive that it replicates the sensations of different surfaces and actions. "One level has it rain and hail while a violent wind blows to highlight just what the excellent haptic feedback is capable of," said Mark in his review of Astro's Playroom. "Individual raindrops pulse out sporadically around the outer shell while gusts of wind ebb and flow giving you a perfect storm in the palm of your hand; it's truly next-level stuff."


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Yet, these achievements have paled into insignificance upon the discovery of a very minor and very annoying design defect. Ted Timmins, game design director on Far Cry 6, shared what he had found with the world, and now there's nothing to be done apart from shake your head at the issue. If it is classifiable as an issue at all. "This PS5 controller has the SONY branding ~1mm off-centre to the left, and at a ~1 degree slant and it bothers me way more than it should," he said, and attached a photo of the slightly skewwhiff "Sony" in a Tweet.

If you're struggling to see what we're seeing, look at the USB-C charging port above the letters, and that should show you the marginal wonkiness of "Sony" underneath. This isn't a major issue, as I'm sure you're aware. No one is staring at that part of the controller intently while using the PlayStation 5 (and if you are, then that's some skill). But, it is quite funny to think that's the thing that slipped past Sony and only appeared after the consoles have been sent to almost every corner of the globe.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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