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This Gamer Broke His Thumb The Day His PlayStation 5 Arrived


This Gamer Broke His Thumb The Day His PlayStation 5 Arrived

This gamer managed to achieve the impossible: they broke their thumb in the morning and their brand-new PlayStation 5 arrived in the afternoon. It's incredible and incredibly unfortunate.

It's no secret that the pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 were a pain in the neck for lots of gamers. Firstly, the pre-orders were activated with next to no advance announcement from Sony. As a result, droves and droves of eager beavers descended upon retail websites that didn't have the infrastructure to support the unprecedented volume of traffic. Plenty of people went empty-handed, which has led to scalpers selling on their PS5s for extortionate prices, and Sony issued its own apology for the trouble.

New stock has rolled out to retailers fairly frequently, but that hasn't stopped unpleasant surprises from occurring. One person was given an air fryer, another opened the box to find a five kilogram bag of rice, and the delivery person dropped off a 40-pack of Felix Fish Selection in Jelly. Yes, cat food. This is very disheartening, and Amazon has addressed these stolen delivery stories. "We're all about making our customers happy, and that hasn't happened for a small proportion of these orders. We're really sorry about that and are investigating exactly what's happened. We're reaching out to every customer who's had a problem and made us aware so we can put it right," it said, and encouraged those affected to get in touch.


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I mean, reading that gives me a spike of anxiety. The PlayStation 5 is pretty pricey, and you would hope that those who have secured the next-gen gizmo are enjoying their time with it, hassle-free. For this person, they might be waiting a little longer even though their PlayStation 5 is in their hands. The recovery period for a broken digit is about two to eight weeks, but it could be three to four months before strength returns to normal in the affected hand.

Reddit user Ta2punk has the worst luck, and they managed to snap their thumb through an act of altruism. So it sort of adds insult to injury. "Trying to fix my 8yo's bike, basically applying force to a part that was stuck and it decided to give way suddenly and my thumb bent backwards," they explained to curious Reddit users. Ta2punk's hand and thumb are wrapped up in gauze from their hospital visit, and they seem to have rejected medical professionals' advice to rest the injury.

"The new triggers and haptics are amazing, just playing Astro's Playroom last night I was blown away by this controller," they replied in the comments, and it appears that they are very hyped for Demon's Souls. Well, we wish them a chill recovery and remind them that playing the PS5 must count as physiotherapy, right?

Featured Image Credit: Ta2punk, Sony

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