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Delivery Guy Scribbles 'PlayStation Is Better' On Xbox Package

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Delivery Guy Scribbles 'PlayStation Is Better' On Xbox Package

Now that the next-gen consoles are here (or very nearly here if you live in the UK/Europe), we're starting to see some... rather heated opinions on which platform is better out of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.


I probably need to tell you that both consoles have their own strengths and that it doesn't matter which one you pick as long as you have fun, do I? Whether you're an Xbox stan or PlayStation for life, this is an exciting time for gamers everywhere - if we can accept that and realise that the whole "console wars" things is one of the most idiotic concepts in the explored universe, then maybe we can have a nice peaceful gen. Maybe... right?

Maybe not, because there's always gonna be at least a few people out there who feel the need to twist the knife. One such person includes a FedEx driver, who it seems recently took the time to scribble the words "PlayStation is better" on the delivery slip for a customer's Xbox Series X. I'm like 99% sure this was just a dumb joke, but I also know making dumb jokes about consoles invites some of the more, um, passionate fans out of the woodwork.


Reddit user smash1031 shared the unexpected note over on Reddit, although they didn't seem to mind too much. To be fair I'm not sure it's possible to be angry on the day you receive your next-gen console, is it? You could scribble whatever you wanted on my PS5 order and I'd probably forgive you as I eagerly tear into the box.

The good news is that the overwhelming majority on Reddit took the note for the joke it was probably supposed to be, rather than the vicious declaration of war that it almost definitely wasn't.

Does that mean the console wars are finally behind us once and for all? I'd love to think so, and I'd love to think we've reached a point where we can gently take the piss out of both consoles without people getting bent out of shape. Heck, just last week an Xbox fan braved the PlayStation 5 subreddit to wish everyone a happy launch day, and the responses were filled with the kind of positivity and energy I absolutely love to see from gamers. Let's keep that up this gen, shall we?

Featured Image Credit: Sony/Microsoft

Topics: PlayStation 5, News, Xbox Series X, Microsoft

Ewan Moore
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