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Pokimane Falls For $24k YouTube Scam

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Pokimane Falls For $24k YouTube Scam

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is one of Twitch’s biggest names. The streamer has been on the platform for years now and as all large content creators do, has diversified where her content lives as much as possible. That means using streams to make new TikToks, clips to go on socials, and of course edits of games to go on YouTube. When you’re as big as Pokimane, you’re not going to do a lot of this yourself, you’re going to hire people to do it - and sometimes that just goes wrong. 


As reported by Dexerto, Pokimane once hired someone for three months, paying them a total of $24,000 without that person doing their job. On her November 24 stream, the influencer talked about how she had hired a YouTube manager for months without them actually doing anything they promised. And when she would confront them, she’d often be convinced by their lies. 

“This was a relationship where it took me ages to realise that I was actually just getting played. He was so good at writing all these excuses and reasons.”

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Pokimane says: “When I tell you, this dude provided like less than $200 worth of value in the entire first month, I ain’t joking”. She goes on to detail how the manager would provide huge documents which made it seem like he was doing the work, but without any results. He even went missing for a while: “Then, in the second month, he went MIA for a full week. He said a family member had been sick, and I just had to believe him. I couldn’t prove he was really lying.”


Pokimane compared the entire situation to a relationship. The streamer says: “This felt like a relationship where it took time for me to realise that I was getting played.” And obviously all she wanted him to do was do the work she was paying him $8,000 to do.


Obviously she eventually worked out that he was just using excuses to get out of doing the work. She eventually was “ruthless”- “I went to him and demanded to know why we hadn’t uploaded any videos, and he sent me five paragraphs that told me he had been doing this and that.” 

Situations like these make it hard for creators to find people to add to their teams. When you’re rich and famous, it’s sometimes going to attract the wrong kind of people.

Featured Image Credit: Pokimane

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Imogen Mellor
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