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Pokémon Now Has A Multiverse After Being Introduced In Show

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Pokémon Now Has A Multiverse After Being Introduced In Show

Pokémon now has its own official multiverse courtesy of Episode 89 of Pokémon Journeys, so get ready for all kinds of hijinks in the future.


To celebrate the launch of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the current series rolled out a two-part event for this month, reintroducing Dawn, Cynthia and the rest of Sinnoh. Our Ewan Moore reviewed the remakes and found that these games hadn't been polished to a sheen. "If The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Switch remake was like looking inside a living toy box, Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl is like peering inside an actual toy box. Pretty at first glance, but ultimately lifeless," explained Ewan.

Check out the Safari Zone in the newest versions of the classics below!



So, in the anime, Dialga and Palkia duke it out and therefore create a tear in the fabric of time and space as their powers affect the structure of the universe. Like the portals scene in Avengers Endgame, gates between universes manifest and introduce our heroes to worlds where things have changed completely thanks to tiny or enormous differences in the time and space continuum. Dawn meets another version of herself who thinks that she has stolen her Piplup, so Dawn must follow her through the gate to retrieve her Pokémon.

Here, Dawn didn't win the Sinnoh League, she snagged second place instead. As the original world Dawn explores this alternate series of events, it appears that time is distorting due to Dialga's influence, causing all Pokémon to forget their moves and revert to Level 1.

This episode also shows us an alternate Ash as well as alternate Jessie and James. While it's not known whether the multiverse will continue outside of this two-part event, fans praised the concept and even reckon that this is the way that the show will include Pokémon Legends Arceus' storyline.

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