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Publisher Pulls Out Of Upcoming SWAT Game Following School Shooting Level

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Publisher Pulls Out Of Upcoming SWAT Game Following School Shooting Level

Publisher Team17 has pulled out of an upcoming tactical first-person shooter, just days after the game's developer faced criticism over a possible level set during a school shooting.


Ready Or Not is the latest game from developer Void Interactive. It entered Early Access earlier this week, but the studio has confirmed it will not be moving forward with Team17 as the publisher. On Twitter, Void Interactive said it was a "mutually agreed" upon decision, and that it's "the right path for the future" of the game.


In Ready or Not, players control a SWAT member who works alongside a group of AI teammates or real players to “defuse hostile and confronting situations” like hostage scenarios and police standoffs.


The game is currently being incredible well received on Steam by those who've played it, but Team17's departure has left Ready Or Not an independent game.

While the reasons behind the split have not been explicitly stated, the timing of it is curious. Mere days before the publisher parted ways with Void Interactive, the developer seemingly confirmed on Reddit that it intends to include a school shooting level somewhere down the line.

In response to a fan asking if Ready Or Not would ever have such a level, a member of the development team replied: “You better believe it’s gonna."


Given the controversy such a level would obviously stir, it wouldn't be too surprising if Team17 decided to get out now so it doesn't have to be involved with it. Of course, there are some users who welcome the split and agree it's the best thing for the game.

"Honestly this is really good," one user observed on Twitter. "The game as of today has a fantastic base to build from and so far it seems to be a success in just a few days of early access. I think staying independent will be better for the long term future of Ready or Not."

In a statement shared to Kotaku, Team17 wished Void Interactive the best in its plans for Ready Or Not.


“Team17 Digital and VOID Interactive have mutually agreed that Ready or Not will no longer be published by Team17 Digital,” a spokesperson said. “We wish the team at VOID Interactive all the best for the future and the continued development of the game. [We] have [no] further comment on it at the moment.”

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