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Micah Bell Was Hiding In 'Red Dead Redemption' This Entire Time

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Micah Bell Was Hiding In 'Red Dead Redemption' This Entire Time

One of the strangest things about the original Red Dead Redemption, with the benefit of hindsight, is that John Marston never references some of the more prominent figures from Red Dead Redemption 2.


While we pick back up with a good number of the Van der Linde gang on Marston's 2010 journey, the likes of Arthur Morgan, Sadie Adler, and Micah Bell are never mentioned.


The main reason for this is obvious, of course: Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel that came out a full eight years after Red Dead Redemption, and Arthur Morgan technically didn't exist back in 2010. Even so, picking up Red Dead Redemption after playing the prequel can be a strange experience, given how large a presence characters like Morgan were in Marston's life.


As it turns out, however, there's at least one subtle nod to one of Red Dead Redemption 2's original characters in Red Dead Redemption... although he's not the most popular one.

Micah Bell is a brilliantly written, but utterly revolting character. An unhinged, sneaky sadist who tears the Van der Linde gang apart. By the end of Red Dead Redemption 2 he's as dead as it's possible to be, but his specter lingers in Red Dead Redemption.

As pointed out by Totino_Pizza_rolls over on Reddit, Micah's horse (Baylock) actually appears in Red Dead Redemption as the game's low honour horse. In other words, Micah's old steed will show up when John Marston has been enough of a bastard in the original game.


Obviously the horse didn't have this meaning attached to it back in 2010, but clearly someone at Rockstar decided to use Red Dead Redemption's low honour horse in the prequel as a fun little reference, that adds a connective strand between the two games - and further proves that Micah is a wrong'un.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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Ewan Moore
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