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Resident Evil Fans Can't Believe They Never Spotted This Giant Car In Game

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Resident Evil Fans Can't Believe They Never Spotted This Giant Car In Game

Some things in video games are not meant to be questioned. Much like BioShock Infinites infamous Bread Boy, a lad who dances in a circle holding his baguette proudly in both hands, sometimes you just have to accept that things can go weird in the game development process.


There are many ‘just video game things’ which we accept unquestioningly. We allow for invisible walls, blinding fog, and doors which just refuse to budge. No heads are turned when a game repeats a model or even an NPC. We even accept when a late-game enemy is the same as an earlier one, just in a different colour. However, there are also things which we accept because we haven’t even noticed just how odd they are.

See if the actors who play Chris and Claire Redfield know as much about the monsters from the Resident Evil series as you do in the video below



It doesn’t matter how well you think you know a game, the strangest things can elude you. Posting in the r/ResidentEvil subreddit, one user u/Skullspidey points out a model in the Resident Evil 2 remake which doesn’t sit right with them. Comparing two police cars outside of the Racoon City police station, you can see that while one appears larger than normal, with the siren coming past Jill Valentine’s head, the one further down the road is a comparative beast.

Entering a tunnel which opens into a car park there is another abandoned car. Only this time, Jill’s head only reaches halfway up the window of this law-enforcing monster truck. In the thread a user commented that there is another police car with an item in the boot which is smaller than even the first car shown. If this is true there are at least three sizes of police car in the remake’s world.


The cars were probably just resized depending on how close the developers expected players to get to them, or simply for better visibility or lighting effects. Still, it’s strange to think of the Raccoon City police force all driving around in their custom-fit cars. 

Featured Image Credit: Resident Evil 3 Remake

Topics: Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil

Georgina Young
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