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Talk Of New Silent Hill Game Circulating Thanks To Konami Trademark

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Talk Of New Silent Hill Game Circulating Thanks To Konami Trademark

Hey, I’ve got a joke for you. What’s foggy and grey and red all over? That’s right, it’s Silent Hill! You’re probably thinking that wasn’t funny, and barely even qualifies as a joke. Well, you’d be right. But the reason I started with a joke is because that’s clearly what Konami thinks Silent Hill is at this point. A joke.


You might remember the news a few weeks ago that the developer let the domain name for silenthill.com lapse, allowing somebody else to buy it for pittance and basically turn it into a meme page poking fun at Konami. They still haven’t bought it back. That is… beyond belief quite frankly.

The original creator of Silent Hill, Keiichiro Toyama is currently working on a new project called Slitterhead, and it certainly looks to be in the same vein as his most well known work.



Perhaps I’ve been too harsh saying Konami thinks the franchise is a joke, though. I do bring you some hopeful news if you’re a fan, I promise. Well, it’s hopefully hopeful news at any rate. As spotted by Reddit user LongJonSilver, Konami have recently updated the trademark for Silent Hill to include “headset and virtual reality.”

Now, as we all know this is in no way indicative of the fact that a new Silent Hill game is imminent, or that it will be a VR title, but it is still intriguing that Konami would update their trademark for the franchise to reflect modern (at least compared to the last time we saw a Silent Hill game) advancements in gaming technology.


Best to file this under ‘very interesting’ at the moment, but it’d still be cool to have a new gen Silent Hill game to muck around in. Sadly though, we know that the spectacular P.T. that was to be Silent Hills by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro starring Norman Reedus is long gone. Personally, my money's on Konami just calling it Silent Hillz, selling it as a pachinko machine and scrubbing Kojima’s name from the project.

Featured Image Credit: Konami

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Mark Foster
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