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Scientists Say They Haven't Opened Portal Into Parallel Universe, Which Is Very Suspicious

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Scientists Say They Haven't Opened Portal Into Parallel Universe, Which Is Very Suspicious

You know, if there was anything that’d make me suspicious about some science lab potentially opening portals to different dimensions, it’d be a lab making an official video to address the fact that they’re definitely not opening portals to different dimensions. Like, who needs to clarify that? Someone who’s busy blasting their way into the Upside Down, that’s who. 


Well anyway, as PC Gamer reports, that’s exactly what one lab in Tennessee has just done. The video, that is - they’ve not entered the Upside Down. Yet. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory has been conducting research into neutrons, and the possibility that they could pass through walls, essentially confirming the existence of real-life portals, of some sort. Scientist Leah Broussard is adamant that these sort of portals aren’t the ones we’d imagine from fiction, but let’s face it, it’s still pretty sketchy. 

Speaking of alternate dimensions, volume two of Stranger Things' fourth season is out today - take a look at the trailer below.



“If you’re the average person and you think about a portal, you’re thinking about what you might encounter in a story or in a movie, where you’re about to go to some strange new world because you’re going to be travelling through space and time,” Broussard explained. “But for a particle physicist, when we use the word ‘portal’, it’s figurative. We’re looking for new ways that the matter we know and understand that makes up our universe might interact with the dark matter that makes up the majority of our universe, which we don’t understand.”

Broussard’s research first gained popularity a few years back, around the same time that season three of Stranger Things released, so you can understand why plenty of people became invested in the study. Apparently, many even volunteered to take part in the hopes of traversing a real-life portal themselves. Brave souls.


“The question I get the most is, were we successful in opening the portal, and unfortunately no, we did not find any evidence of parallel universes or new interactions with the neutron and the dark sector,” she continued. “But of course, it’s still possible that the neutrons are turning into dark matter in a way our experiment wasn’t sensitive to, so we are still planning more sensitive searches, and more in future experiments at the high flux isotope reactor.”

It’s all super interesting, anyway, but I’m still not sure that I’m buying the fact that they’re not up to something slightly suspicious in there. You won’t catch me venturing too close to that lab, anyway. 

Featured Image Credit: 20th Television/Fox/Comedy Central, Netflix

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Catherine Lewis
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