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'Skyrim' Molag Bal Quest Finally Has A "Good Guy" Ending

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'Skyrim' Molag Bal Quest Finally Has A "Good Guy" Ending

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a game that prides itself on player choice. The game’s impressive open world is filled with possibility, offering adventurers the chance to do, or be, almost anything. 


But as with real-life, Skyrim occasionally backs us into a corner and presents us with tough choices. Sometimes there are no right answers, and whatever we do will leave us feeling worse off than we were when we started. 


The ‘House Of Horrors’ quest is a perfect example of this. Players visiting the Dwemer city of Markarth can look into rumours of a haunted house, only to find the foul mace of Daedric prince Molag Bal lurking in the basement. 


The only way to complete the quest is to take the mace and do as Molag Bal asks: beat a Vigilant of Stendarr to death with it. Not exactly the best option for people committed to a heroic playthrough, but that’s literally the situation you’re locked into the second you make contact with the weapon. Let’s just hope any bards out there don’t stop singing about how you’re the Dragonborn and start singing about how you made an actual deal with the devil for an old mace. 

Fortunately, there’s now an alternative ending for any do-gooders out there. As spotted by PCGamesN, a new mod from JaySerpa gives players more options. In the original quest, as soon as you enter the “haunted” house Molag Bal convinces an NPC called Tyranus to attack you. The only way out is to kill him first. 

With this mod, you can instead talk him down and have him join you on your quest. There’s even some brilliantly convincing brand-new dialogue in which Tyranus remarks he can’t believe he was tricked. From here, instead of taking the mace and doing Molag Bal’s bidding, you can march down the basement and destroy the mace. The house will collapse in on itself, and you can go about your adventures knowing you are a hero through-and-through. Oh, and Tyranus can now join you as a companion instead of being some guy you killed. Outstanding. 

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