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'Skyrim' Gets Incredible Unreal Engine 5 Makeover

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'Skyrim' Gets Incredible Unreal Engine 5 Makeover

As we enter our 11th year of Skyrim, and consequently, our 11th year without really any information about The Elder Scrolls VI (aside from the fact that it’s going to exist), it’s understandable that people are getting restless for basically any new content. 


That is, of course, where the fan community comes in, and in this case, Christian Gomm, the environment artist from Icelandic game dev team Myrkur Games, has given us an incredible glimpse of how stunning Skyrim can be when put into Unreal Engine 5. In this video released over on the artist’s ArtStation profile, you can take a look at Riverwood remastered in glorious 4K, and it's way prettier than it has any right to be. 

“This is an environment I've been using to work on my photogrammetry workflow, and contains a mixture of my own photoscanned assets and materials, megascans and my own substance materials,” Gomm said. “The pine trees were made by me using Speed Tree, and the Spruce trees were from an unreal market asset pack.”


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Apparently, the whole thing was made super quickly, too, which somehow makes it even more impressive than it already was: “The majority of the environment was made in a few days, but I've been slowly adding to it as I create new photoscans, including many of the stumps and logs, all but one of the stone surfaces, some bark materials and foliage pieces.” the artist said.


Fans have been flooding Gomm’s comments with support: “Absolutely mesmerising, really captures both the realistic feel and tingles my nostalgia. Makes me want to explore again. Hope to see more of this amazing work!” commented Marianna Liubimova. “Just looking at this brings up good memories. Great job at re-imagining this, for many, [a] special place!” added Remo van de Sande.

Sadly, you can look, but you can’t touch - Gomm doesn’t plan on releasing this as a playable map, as it’s part of a portfolio of work. This isn’t the first Unreal Engine 5 remaster that the artist has released, though - some of their previous work includes the Western Watchtower and the Kvatch Oblivion Gate, so be sure to check those out if you want some more nice visuals to drool over. We’ll just have to hope that The Elder Scrolls VI will be as gorgeous when it finally releases, hopefully some time within the next decade.

Featured Image Credit: Christian Gomm via ArtStation, Bethesda

Topics: Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls

Catherine Lewis
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