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'Sniper Elite 5' Player Pulls Off Ultimate Forbidden Shot, Gets Achievement For It

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'Sniper Elite 5' Player Pulls Off Ultimate Forbidden Shot, Gets Achievement For It

Sniper Elite is a series that has built a solid fanbase around shooting people in the nuts with a sniper rifle. It’s a simple premise, yet one that is profoundly enjoyable.


Okay so that’s not the actual premise of the games, but still, it’s something every player who’s hopped into the WWII shooter has tried to do at least a handful of times. If you’re sat there saying that you haven’t, you’re lying.

Check out the reveal trailer for Sniper Elite 5 below.



The most recent game in the franchise, Sniper Elite 5, released on May 26th to decent reviews, including by our own Will McCue who gave the game a 6/10. Somebody who certainly wouldn’t give it a good review is one poor soldier who shuffled off the virtual mortal coil in perhaps the most embarrassing way possible - by having his own testicles volleyed through his body and out of his throat by a speeding bullet. Excuse me while I go and lay down in a dark room and wince for an hour.

In a post uploaded to Reddit by user HerbieErbs, the x-ray kill cam synonymous with the series shows our hapless grunt getting his plums knackered in visceral detail. Watch it below if you’ve got the stomach for such stuff.


The achievement itself was “Die Nussknacker Sweet!” awarded for shooting somebody in the testicles from over 100 yards away. Sadly, there’s nothing awarded for the added flair of making them taste their own jewels. Predictably, the comments on the post were both sympathetic and impressed. “He only felt it for a second, but the start of that second was worse than the finish…” stated someusernameblahblah, while CoolHipsterName simply said, “that's it, I'm absolutely downloading this game tonight lol. Looks like so much fun.”

I don’t care what team you’re on, it’d certainly be considered poor sportsmanship to shoot the beanbags off a bloke, even more so when he’s bent over in a compromising position. That is, of course, unless that bloke was Hitler and you could get an achievement for doing exactly that. Because you can in Sniper Elite 5. Indeed, you won’t be able to 100% the game without it. Mein Gott.

Featured Image Credit: Rebellion, u/HerbieErbs via Reddit

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Mark Foster
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