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Sony Patents New PlayStation 5 Graphics Tech, Looking to "Optimise" The Console

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Sony Patents New PlayStation 5 Graphics Tech, Looking to "Optimise" The Console

We’re in early 2022 and most people still can’t get their hands on a PlayStation 5 almost a year and a half after Sony’s new flagship console first launched. A global pandemic, chip shortages and scalpers snapping up the precious tech have all created huge difficulties for the average person to get their hands on a PS5.


Sony, seemingly undeterred by this fact, have now reportedly filed a patent that will create a “System And Method For Accelerating Ray Tracing.” Ray tracing, as you may know in layman's terms, makes a game look prettier, so it seems that Sony are looking to boost the graphical output of their console via this new means.

If you’re somehow still on the fence about whether or not you want to buy a PlayStation 5, why not check out our review to help sway you one way or the other.



This patent was spotted by Twitter user Onion00048 (great name) and shows a diagram of the system. It reads: “Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a new patent that suggests the format holder is looking to optimise its ray tracing effects on #PS5”

What’s really interesting, is that this patent was filed by PlayStation 5’s lead systems architect Mark Cerny, so we know it is definitely legit. If you can make head or tail of exactly what the diagram is showing, then more power to you because it’s all nonsense to me.


Before we all go getting too excited about a graphical update for the PlayStation 5 or even a new console in the form of some sort of PlayStation 5 Pro, it’s worth just taking a moment to remember that companies patent this kind of stuff all the time in case they want to use it, not because they mean to. As is so often the case, let’s wait and see what happens. Personally, I’d wager Sony’s main concern right now is in getting the consoles into the hands of those who want them first, before worrying about anything else.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Martin Katler, Rafal Jedrzejek via Unsplash

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Mark Foster
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