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New Star Wars Book Makes 'Revenge Of The Sith' Even More Heartbreaking

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New Star Wars Book Makes 'Revenge Of The Sith' Even More Heartbreaking

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith sees the irreversible corruption of Anakin Skywalker into Darth Vader, causing the galaxy to fall into shadow as the Sith and the Empire rise in power. Now, it happens that Palpatine wasn’t lying about Plagueis’ powers to prevent people from passing away. 


This admission comes from the new Star Wars: The Secrets of the Sith book, written by Marc Sumerak. In it is a collection of knowledge from the dark side as accumulated by the baddies of Star Wars, including Darth Maul, Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress, the Grand Inquisitor and even Kylo Ren. The reference book is intended to be the voice of Palpatine transforming from his reserved persona in the Senate to crowing about all of his achievements and how he manipulated his enemies and allies into carrying out his evil machinations. 

In doing so, the book reveals that Palpatine wasn’t lying when he relayed the exploits of Darth Plagueis. At this point, Palpatine had transmitted visions of Padmé’s death into Anakin’s mind and knew that the Jedi was vulnerable and conflicted over what he could do to stop her passing. 

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As Palpatine is in fact the former apprentice to Plagueis, he knew exactly what had happened with the Sith Lord. Plagueis was obsessed with the legend of the Force Dyad, something that would have offered him power beyond anything he could ever have conceived. Plagueis attempted to create this bond with Palpatine, but the concept requires opposites in order to come into existence.

That’s why Rey and Kylo’s Force Dyad allowed Palpatine to restore his crumbly clone body. Anyway, that’s all the explanation you need on what a Force Dyad is. The issue was that the young Palpatine cottoned onto what Plagueis wanted and killed his master to prevent him from taking that immortality for himself. 


Palaptine continued his own research into the possibilities of this sort of manipulation of the force and found out how to transfer essence between bodies. So, the Sith Lord did know how to stop Padmé’s death from happening — he chose to not tell Anakin to facilitate his fall to the dark side and become an instrument of the Empire. Gutting, right?

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