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'Stray' Mod Lets You Play As Spyro The Dragon

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'Stray' Mod Lets You Play As Spyro The Dragon

Everyone and their grandma loves Stray. BlueTwelve Studio’s adorable indie adventure game was incredibly highly anticipated prior to its release, and thankfully, it successfully met fans’ expectations. 


Last week, the title became Steam’s highest user-rated game of the year (throwing the new PC port of God of War [2018] from its pedestal), and social media has been overflowing with screenshots and clips from the game, as well as real-life kitties’ reactions to it, as a result. Overall, it’s been a generally lovely time. 

Speaking of cats reacting to Stray, take a look at some adorable feline reactions in the video below.



Working fast as ever, modders flocked to the game to introduce their own cats as playable protagonists, which remains perhaps the most wholesome use of mods of all time. Then came the Garfield mods, because of course, in a game where a ginger cat was already the star of the show, that had to happen. Most cursed of all though was the addition of GTA’s CJ, the image of which is now permanently etched into my brain.

As IGN reports though, a new mod has entered the ring. Thanks to MrMarco1003 (via Nexus Mods), PC players can now explore Stray’s cyber-city as none other than Spyro the Dragon, because why not? The mod looks genuinely great, although personally, I can’t imagine playing through the game as anything but a fluffy cat. That said, I’ll take Spyro over cursed CJ any day of the week. If you want to try this one out for yourself, you can download it for free here

In other Stray news, last week, one player managed to decode the cipher language seen around the game’s cyber-city, and it’s super interesting. With their translated alphabet, it’s now possible to read any of the game’s previously unknown words and phrases, which has already given some super interesting results, including the name of the city’s newspaper, and an Easter egg referencing the developers. There’s almost certainly way more secrets to be found yet - this is just scratching the surface (pun intended).

Featured Image Credit: MrMarco1003 via Nexus Mods, Annapurna Interactive

Topics: Indie Games, Mods, PC

Catherine Lewis
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