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Popular Streamer Accused Of Avoiding Female Players In ‘Valorant'

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Popular Streamer Accused Of Avoiding Female Players In ‘Valorant'

Sigh. Aren’t some Twitch streamers just delightful? Former CS:GO player Jason “JasonR” Ruchelski has been facing backlash online lately for apparently avoiding playing any Valorant games with women. 


As reported by Kotaku, a number of professional female Valorant players, including @Annie_Dro and @qtpanini, raised these concerns, accusing Ruchelski of disconnecting from games whenever a woman joins, as well as allegedly muting female players.

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“50+ women have experienced the Jason R effect. He will full screen his cam so you don’t see, then mute/[disconnect] if there is a girl on his team,” @Annie_Dro wrote on Twitter. “He is manipulating his audience and gaslighting them by saying he crashed every time. Refuses to address any allegations as well.

“Everyone is ‘jealous of my sub count’ and a clout chaser in his eyes if they talk about this,” she continued. “Then says how much this is affecting him and his wife, making them cry, which makes people gift more subs. Wish he had the balls to say ‘yeah I mute women’, but he lies and gaslights.”


To make matters worse, the streamer opted to defend himself from these claims in perhaps the worst way possible. After being accused of these behaviours during a stream, he said: “My stream crashed. I didn’t hear anybody in this f**king server that I apparently f**king crashed because there was a f**king b**ch in it.”

Ah yes, no better way to prove you’re not misogynistic than to fire back with misogynistic language. That’ll show ‘em. Another very effective argument he made was that he can’t possibly be misogynistic if he doesn’t talk to women at all: “How do I disrespect women, I don’t talk to them. How do I disrespect women? Sorry, I didn’t know that not interacting with them is disrespecting them, my bad. Is this some sort of new s**t that you f**king p***ies cry about?”


According to Kotaku, this isn’t the first time that the streamer has been accused of dodging female players, either, which really doesn’t help him look any better. Twitch is full of problems when it comes to issues like sexism or racism, so sadly none of this is really all too surprising, but it’s disappointing nonetheless. 

Featured Image Credit: JasonR via Twitch, Twitch

Topics: Twitch, Valorant

Catherine Lewis
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