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'The Witcher 3' Brilliant Anti-Cheat Monster Terrifies New Player

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'The Witcher 3' Brilliant Anti-Cheat Monster Terrifies New Player

It’s not exactly news that The Witcher 3 is one of the most in depth action-RPGs out there. It’s a game that handles morality really well - choices don’t tend to have an obvious “good” or “bad” option, but there’s a lot of ways for players to behave in, let’s say, slightly unscrupulous ways throughout Geralt’s quest to find his adoptive daughter.


One such morally questionable action is a shortcut players have found to earn a lot of Orens fast - killing the poor cows that live in the White Orchard farmlands, and then meditating to immediately respawn them. Seasoned players may already know where this is going, but the game doesn’t take too kindly to you rocking up and destroying random farmers’ livelihoods. 

In other Witcher news, season two of the TV adaptation is out now on Netflix! Check out the trailer below.



Over on Reddit, one new player learned this the hard way: “Never seen this! Lvl 21 Chort spawns at White Orchard village and almost kills me lol,” the player wrote, attaching a clip of Geralt fleeing from the monster, which we see wreaking havoc in the distance. 

As other Reddit users explained in the thread, this particular Chort is the result of a patch added to the game back in 2015, to prevent players from earning an unfair amount of Orens too early on, and is known as the “Bovine Defense Force Initiative”, and is actually also referenced in the Witcher card game, Gwent, after the Hearts of Stone expansion. 


“My friend one day called me up and said that he found something cool. I was new to the game and he made me kill cows and then mercilessly watched me get slaughtered by this beast,” commented u/Kira-ara-ara. This isn’t the only fun anti-cheating measure in the game, either, as u/pricklyjedi explained: “They also added a tax collector that question you about the questionable amount of pearls you sold from a pearl duping glitch, you could just lie to him and nothing happened.”

So, let this be your warning, if you were considering engaging in any cow-based crimes. Ironically though, as another user pointed out in the thread, killing the Chort is actually even more profitable than the cows, so if you’re prepared to take on the beast, use that information as you will. 

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt Red

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Catherine Lewis
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