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Gamers Planning To Flood 'Modern Warfare 2' Servers For One Last Ride

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Gamers Planning To Flood 'Modern Warfare 2' Servers For One Last Ride

Every FPS lover has their favourite Call of Duty title. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the games, or Warzone was the first you committed to, you’ll have a title that is closer to your heart than others. And for many, perhaps the majority of CoD fans, that game is Modern Warfare 2. So despite there being newer games on the market to play, one fan is rallying TikTok users to go back to Modern Warfare 2 one last time to relive those late nights with mates. 


It’s unsurprising that many people have moved on from MW2 now. Like I said, lots of new stuff to play and if you tried to get on the servers now, they’d be pretty barren. That’s why one TikToker, Gmbnoah has taken to the platform to encourage everyone to come back on December 21st. That way everyone will get to play Modern Warfare 2 once again with full servers and Discords full of mates. 

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And the internet loves the idea. One huge name in the FPS world, FaZe Rug has already said: “I’m doing this” in response. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw a lot of content creators coming back to the game for one evening of hype on stream too. Lots of other TikTok talent have agreed to get in on the action and so, it actually looks like people will be able to play on December 21st in full lobbies. 

The original poster, Gmbnoah has admitted that “this is only the beginning”. They actually don’t want to stop at making this a one-night thing, they’ve confessed that flooding the servers permanently is “my dream”. They say “Baby step. Share this do whatever you need to.” This comes when players seem widely unsatisfied with the latest Call of Duty release - Vanguard. Perhaps all CoD players want now are remakes because nothing new is really scratching that itch.

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