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Amouranth Announces Twitch Retirement Plans Following Gas Station Purchase

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Amouranth Announces Twitch Retirement Plans Following Gas Station Purchase

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, one of the most successful streamers on Twitch, has stated how she intends to maximise her presence on the platform to ensure that her career and life goals are fully funded. 


Formerly a costume designer with the Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet, Siragusa has also worked as a model and a professional cosplayer before leaping onto Twitch. Accumulating over four million followers who tune in for her gaming, ASMR, cooking, chatting and other comedic streams, this part of her career isn’t the endgame for the streamer. In fact, she is actively working towards opening her own shelter to look after animals who have been mistreated and require rehabilitation. 

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Ordinarily, these sorts of organisations raise funds on a continuous basis to support their activities and the employees. That’s a concern for Siragusa who doesn’t want her own shelter to make the same missteps, so she’s using her Twitch channel and other social media accounts to accrue as much money as possible while she is still relevant. Her words, not mine. 

“I basically plan to grind it out as long and as hard as I can until either it doesn’t make sense anymore, or at some point the passive income > active income,” explained the streamer on Twitter. “This makes the most sense, this is the way to MAXIMIZE impact. Because passive income will only overtake active income in the scenario that I fall off a lot, OR my investments compound to the point of dwarfing anything I do actively (stream, [OnlyFans], etc).”


So, if she wants to own an animal shelter, why did she purchase a petrol station? “Owning productive assets, good businesses, & investments is not truly “spending” money. It’s growing money,” she continued. “Putting fallow capital to work so that eventually your money pulls the heavy load instead of your labor.”

She revealed that the petrol station will generate $85,000 annually and that she plans to sell it for a higher price and use that margin to purchase another property. Moreover, she’s always eyeing up business opportunities — she sounded sort of serious about Ludwig Ahgren’s joke about an Amouranth adult toy range. All in all, you can’t say that she’s not one of the most savvy individuals in the online space right now. 

Featured Image Credit: Amouranth via Twitch, Twitter

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