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Grimes Will Join One Of The Biggest Twitch Streamers After Sliding Into Their DMs

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Grimes Will Join One Of The Biggest Twitch Streamers After Sliding Into Their DMs

Claire Boucher, also known as Grimes, has offered to collaborate with Twitch star Hasan “hasanabi” Piker after he cracked a joke at the expense of her ex, Elon Musk. 


What a sentence. Well, it’s almost the end of 2021, and very little surprises us any more. Piker is famed for his political commentary and acerbic sense of humour while streaming and his popularity surged over the course of 2020 and 2021. With over a million followers and approximately 27,000 viewers every stream, not everyone will agree with his stances but it certainly pulls in the crowds. His socialist leanings actually came under fire when he bought a house in West Hollywood in the summer to the tune of $3 million

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Apparently, buying a house negates any and all left-wing political perspectives you have. Anyway, that was a whole other thing. The fact that he is now welcoming Grimes onto one of his streams arose from a meme that Elon Musk posted about communism in October. Elon and Grimes were together for three years and split in September, four months following the birth of their son X Æ A-Xii. 

Last month, she was seen reading The Communist Manifesto in public as she noticed paparazzi were following her and she wanted to create a funny situation for them to photograph. Elon ridiculed communism in a meme about the target audiences and actual audiences of Call of Duty, Pokémon and left-wing politics. Piker replied to Elon’s meme mentioning Grimes and said “[hit me up] so we can talk about this.”


In a stream hosted on November 28th, Pike paused for a moment while chatting to viewers then started saying “oh my God” over and over. “Grimes just said she’d be down to come on the stream,” said the streamer excitedly. Afterwards, she followed him on Twitter, and spoke to him about appearing on his channel. While we aren’t sure when this will happen, Piker does have an idea of what the stream would entail. 

“We’re 100% gonna watch Joe Rogan if she comes over to do the stream,” he said, in spite of his fans’ protestations. Rogan hosts a podcast called The Joe Rogan Experience where he invites a number of guests of different political perspectives to discuss current events. He has been criticised for publicising controversial opinions on the coronavirus crisis, sharing anti-trans statements, and even said that video games are a waste of time. "I can't have the video games," said Rogan. "That, to me, is like protecting my children against wolves. It becomes this obsessive thing where it's like, I've got to protect the tribe.”

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