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Banned Twitch Star Indiefoxx Teases Return To Streaming

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Banned Twitch Star Indiefoxx Teases Return To Streaming

Jenelle “Indiefoxx” Dagres, who scored six bans in six months before Twitch booted her off the streaming service for good, might be making a comeback. 


With more than two million followers accumulating 45.4 million views on her channel on Twitch, Dagres was one of the most successful streamers out there, achieving superstar status over the course of a year. However, her content often courted controversy.

For example, she took part in the strange ASMR meta where streamers would lick and fart into the microphone for subscriber goals. In June, Twitch had eventually had enough of Dagres flying a little too close to what was and was not appropriate content according to its terms of service, and she was permanently removed from the platform. 

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This was music to the ears of her detractors, including Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon, who had complained that Twitch wasn’t acting consistently with those who continually broke the rules. Since then, she’s built a community of 42,000 followers on TikTok — she got banned there too — and announced her arrival on YouTube in October. Dagres also sold clips of her content in the form of NFTs, offering “very limited edition” moments from her streams.

What’s next for the entrepreneurial content creator? One of Dagres’ recent Tweets seems to suggest that she’ll return to streaming. She said she would be “coming back soon” though no date has been shared at the moment. In October, she streamed on YouTube with the promise that this would be “THE RETURN OF INDIEFOXX,” yet she hasn’t gone live at all lately. 


Imaginably, she will stick to YouTube for her streams. At the moment, she is still banned by Twitch, and while she did draw an enormous number of viewers to the service, the conversations to bring her back would likely take a lot of negotiation. There is one thing for certain, though. Her fans are looking forward to her return, whenever and wherever it takes place.

Featured Image Credit: Indiefoxx via Twitter, Twitch

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