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Pokimane Launches $100k Scholarship Fund To Help Students

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Pokimane Launches $100k Scholarship Fund To Help Students

Imane “Pokimane” Anys, one of the most successful women streamers on Twitch, has set up a scholarship to offer financial assistance to those who want to further their education. 


Last month, Anys announced her new talent management and brand consulting company, RTS. With an aim to "set [the] course to fix the gaming and esports industry chiefly around evolving the creator business model, avoiding bad brand deals, and developing sound esports strategies,” the company has a stellar team with alumni from Twitch, Blizzard, Microsoft and more. So, this venture is one more step towards reflecting the gratitude that she has for her fans and the supportive community that they have brought into being. 

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“Over 33 million followers turn to Pokimane to have a positive, supporting experience. Now gamers will get the chance to improve themselves and strengthen their future careers,” read the description on AVGL. Pokimane and AVGL have equally contributed to the $100,000 scholarship pool which will be divided between 10 students, amounting to $10,000 individually.

Applicants should record a short video telling their story and how the programme would benefit their goals as a gamer. Presumably, “goals as a gamer” would channel into roles like designers, programmers, animators, software testers, writers, or even professional players and streamers like Anys. And, it’s available for all US and Canadian high school juniors and seniors, college enrollees, graduate students, and other students planning on attending college this time next year. The deadline is December 31st, 2021. 

It’s funny to think of the turn that video games have taken in the public eye, from a hobby thought to be nerdy and offering an escape from the real world to the products of one of the most lucrative industries on the planet. We’re all aware of the advantages that games have had throughout the lockdowns and even watching a streamer opens your experience up to new topics that you might not encounter in everyday life. 


“Games are a great way to socially connect with others,” said Dr Rachel Kowert, research director of Take This, last year. “Shared experiences, like playing games together, have been found to bolster positive social connections and are linked to increased self-esteem and a sense of belonging, as well decreased feelings of depression, anxiety, and isolation.”

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