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Twitch Streamer Accidentally Records Baby's First Word On Stream

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Twitch Streamer Accidentally Records Baby's First Word On Stream

Many of us were born long before a time when camcorders were freely available in everybody's pockets, and major life events - like our first words - are lost to the sands of time as a result.


Even if you're trying to catch your baby's firsts in the modern era, such moments are often so fleeting there's no time to prepare to catch it all on camera.

However, those of us who spend a large part of our lives on camera have a slightly better chance, though it's unlikely that your baby has the knowledge to demonstrate their development while the camera is rolling. Luckily for Twitch streamer Arex, his girl knew how to bless the camera.

If you want to see more wins like this, or even if you're in the market for some funny fails, you can see a compilation of the best livestream wins and fails below!



Arex is an American streamer living in Japan with his eight month old daughter. While playing Pokémon Legends: Arceus  and showing of his adorable baby to chat, someone off screen calls the little girl to bed. Telling her she has to go, Arex tells her to "Say goodnight to chat". Despite being below the average age to start talking she happily obliges her dad.

The clip is absolute perfection - not only because Arex's daughter is an absolutely adorable little muffin who waves goodbye with a huge grin the entire time, but because the streamer clearly wasn't expecting his daughter to speak. What a treat to have that on camera to look back on in years to come.


Aside from a look of absolute shock, after he says to her "No way!" his daughter only responds with a cute giggle. We think she knows exactly what she's doing. It looks like we have a tiny streamer in the making.

Featured Image Credit: Arex / Twitch

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Georgina Young
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