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Twitch Unbans Streamer Who Threatened To Shoot Up Twitch HQ

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Twitch Unbans Streamer Who Threatened To Shoot Up Twitch HQ

If you are into the world of speedrunning you have undoubtedly heard of Narcissa Wright. She co-founded SpeedRunsLive, a speedrunning platform where you can watch runners' streams and find like-minded people to race.


As you may expect, she was also a prominent speedrunner. She held records in numerous games from The Legend Of Zelda and Mario franchises. However, like a number of speedrunners, she began having issues with her hands and from 2015 onwards began playing more games like Super Smash Bros. Melee and participating in fewer speedruns. 

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Unfortunately, Wright has also been at the centre of a number of controversies. In 2018, she was suspended indefinitely from the streaming platform Twitch after she received 14 infractions on her account. This includes four counts of “nudity, porn and/or sexually explicit content”, and “implied or explicit solicitation goods, services, or money in exchange for self-destructive behaviour”.

Wright returned to the platform in 2022 but was banned again last week. Wright claims that she earnt the ban by showing a disturbing image on stream. The image was sent to her on Discord, which could be seen on stream. However, others believe it is because she sent a number of tweets in which she wrote that she would self harm and “shoot people at the Twitch HQ”. Wright claims these tweets were in response to the ban and not the cause for it.

Speaking to Dexerto, she said: “Shortly after the gross image was shown, I was banned - an indefinite suspension. It felt cruel - a cruel response to me being shown a gross image. I know this is an edgy comment but I think if Twitch really cared about mental health they would have reached out and talked to me instead of suddenly deplatforming me. I don’t own any weapons and the threat was non-credible. I did feel like self-harming though, and the tweet was my way of self-harming.”


Twitch has decided to allow Wright to stream again from 22 days following the initial ban. In a tweet she explained how thankful she was that Twitch had reversed its decision. In a statement, Twitch said “Given the details of the case, including the remorse expressed in your appeal, we have decided to reduce the suspension duration.”

Wright has been open about her continued struggle with mental health issues and her desire to self harm. If Twitch maintains this decision Wright will be allowed to stream again from 14 April. 

Featured Image Credit: Twitch / Narcissa Wright Youtube

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