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xQc Facing More Death Threats Than Ever After Insulting ‘My Little Pony’ Fans

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xQc Facing More Death Threats Than Ever After Insulting ‘My Little Pony’ Fans

Another day, another Twitch controversy. Canadian Twitch streamer xQc - real name Félix Lengyel - is no stranger to feeling the wrath of the internet. Just last year, xQc was targeted by a series of wrongly called police raids prompting the online personality to move out of his home, and he’s been banned from the streaming site more times than you can count on one hand.


Recently, the 26-year-old was taking part in Reddit’s Place event which originally began on April Fools’ Day in 2017 but was revived once again this year. Taking place on the r/place subreddit, participants could help create a canvas by editing a single pixel within a timed 20 minute window. Over a million users took part during the three day event, creating a canvas made up of 16 million pixels. It all sounds wholesome enough. What could possibly go wrong?

Speaking of streams going wrong, take a look at these funny livestream wins and fails below.



xQc streamed his own participation in the event, attracting over 233,000 viewers and breaking the Twitch Peak Viewership Record in the process but it was part way through this monumental stream that xQc decided to ask his followers to attack fans of My Little Pony. Said Pony fans had used the event to create a pixel version of the character Rainbow Dash. Minutes later, xQc’s viewers had reduced the image to a series of black dots.

“I have gotten more death threats in an hour than I’ve gotten in the past six years combined,” xQc said during the stream. “[All] from changing pixels from one colour to another on a corporate website that makes your f**king lights flash on your monitor through a piece of f**king plastic,” he continued. “Imagine if you took this much care and this much action in your life in other things that mattered like making something of yourself rather than participating in cold, angry violence because some f**king colours changed. That is f**king illness.”


Needless to say, xQc was pretty heated but perhaps not as much as the My Little Pony fans he offended. Later in the stream, he did apologise saying “I’m sorry if I hurt or ‘malded’ you. I thought this was just a canvas for fun on a fun website.” Anyone else getting flashbacks to childhood playground arguments? As any good My Little Pony fan would tell you, friendship is magic … or so I’ve heard.

Featured Image Credit: Discovery Family, xQc via Twitch

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Kate Harrold
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