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Unreal Engine 5 Photorealistic Next-Gen Demo Is Near-Indistinguishable From Reality

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Unreal Engine 5 Photorealistic Next-Gen Demo Is Near-Indistinguishable From Reality

Now that Unreal Engine 5 has been openly available for several months, we're really starting to get a look at some of the truly incredible things that are slowly becoming capable in next-gen video games.


Case in point? Ziva Dynamics has just launched a beta version of its brand-new ZRT Face Trainer. This is a new cloud-based machine-learning facial rigging tool that can be used to animate some of the most staggeringly realistic human expressions we've ever seen.

"The ZRT Face Trainer is built on a comprehensive library of 4D data and proprietary machine learning algorithms," Ziva explains. "Within one hour, your character mesh is injected with the game industry’s best tech.”

If that goes straight over your head, don't worry! Just take a look at the tech in action below.


To be clear, the ZRT Face Trainer isn't exclusive to Unreal Engine 5 and can be used with other engines. However, Ziva opted to use Epic's engine for demonstration purposes, and the results are predictably astounding.

We've already seen some pretty impressive facial animations and expressions in the last few years, of course. Games like The Last Of Us Part II and Red Dead Redemption 2 brought their characters to life like never before, but those are now last-gen games! It'll be truly fascinating to see new tools such as the ZRT Face Trainer can further push games forward. Not that graphics are the only thing that matter, to be clear - but it sure is nice every time a game takes your breath away simply by looking incredibly, isn't it?

Featured Image Credit: Ziva

Topics: Unreal Engine

Ewan Moore
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