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Watch The Batman's Robert Pattinson Geeking Out Gloriously Over Final Fantasy

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Watch The Batman's Robert Pattinson Geeking Out Gloriously Over Final Fantasy

Early reviews of The Batman are, to put it bluntly, pretty darn great. The new movie focused on DC’s famous Caped Crusader arrives in cinemas on March 4, and at the time of writing official reviews are officially still under embargo, but trust me when I say: they’re going to bang by the time this piece is published.


The movie stars Robert Pattinson as Batman - and Bruce Wayne, obvs, that’s how the role works - alongside Zoë Kravitz as Cat Woman/Selina Kyle, Paul Dano as the Riddler, and Colin Farrell as Penguin. The cast has been doing the promo circuit lately - and one interview widely shared on social media has really caught our attention here at GAMINGbible.

Watch the trailer for The Batman, below…



As posted to the Robert Pattinson Photos Twitter account, here’s a wonderful clip of the actor fully nerding out about Final Fantasy VII in the company of Kravitz and interviewer Mouloud Achour from Canal+'s Clique show.


Okay, where to begin. First, just how great is it to see Pattinson fully go there with the Aerith/Aeris difference? Like, here’s a guy who knows his Final Fantasy. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. “I was in love with Aeris,” he begins, before adding: “And Tifa.” I mean, mate, I’d love to say something like Who Wasn’t, Right, but I was already 17 when FFVII came out on the PlayStation and I was way past being enamoured with women made of chunky polygons. You were gawping at JRPG protagonists, I was in the pub. I mean, you were only 11, so… Anyway…

“It’s the two options of girls,” Pattinson continues - while Kravitz looks increasingly disinterested, with just a splash of horror at just where her co-star is going with this. “It’s the best,” he adds, of the game itself - which we assume to mean that 1997 original, less so the 2020 remake (not that it’s bad, either). On we go: “It’s a love triangle, where Aeris - or Aerith, depending on what version of the game you have - she’s like the really kind girl that has super powers, who can heal everyone… And Tifa’s like this sexy little thing who’s a thief… And you’re like, I can’t decide.”

He ends his illuminating speech with the comment, “This is how every guy figures out what love is.” Kravitz is… not impressed. “This is the problem with the world,” she says - and if only, frankly, the main issue we were all facing right now was who to pick to guide around Gold Saucer, Aerith or Tifa.


And wouldn’t you know it, in the time it’s taken me to write this, official reviews for The Batman are live! Here’s one from our friends at Unilad, calling the movie the most brutal yet for the DC icon, “the Darkest Knight we’ve ever seen”. Sounds like a perfect date movie... hmm.

Featured Image Credit: DC Films, Square Enix

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Mike Diver
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