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Wrestler Destroys Opponent Using... A Keyblade Wrapped In Barbed Wire

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Wrestler Destroys Opponent Using... A Keyblade Wrapped In Barbed Wire

All the best wrestlers have their own iconic weapon or move. Edge is rarely seen without a trusty steel chair. The Big Boss Man had a nightstick, while Sting preferred using a baseball bat. If Triple H got out his sledgehammer, you knew something was about to go down and let’s not forget about Boogeyman and his creepy worms. Still makes me shudder.


You get the idea? Weapons are an integral part of the showmanship of wrestling. If an item is wieldable, it’s probably already been used in a wrestling match but I’ve got to admit, this latest example has taken me by surprise. One wrestler has now used a Kingdom Hearts Keyblade wrapped in barbed wire. Original, I suppose?

Speaking of, check out the reveal trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4 below.



The wrestler in question is Kidd Bandit, a non-binary cosplayer and Twitch streamer who recently appeared in a ‘Devil’s Playground’ match against fellow wrestler Drexl at Prestige Wrestling’s Nonstop Feeling. As reported by Kotaku, Kidd Bandit’s wrestling character was imbued with pop culture references.

Kidd Bandit kicked off the match by writing Drexl’s name in their ‘Bandit Note,’ inspired by manga and anime Death Note. For those who are unfamiliar, writing someone’s name in the Death Note causes that person’s untimely death. Bleak. Drexl managed to rip the page from the book, stapling it to Kidd Bandit’s head before the book could enact his demise.


Kidd Bandit proceeded to drop Drexl onto a bunch of thumb tacks, ouch, before pulling out a Kingdom Hearts-style Keyblade. Unlike the game’s actual Keyblades, Kidd Bandit’s version was wrapped in barbed wire and the wrestler used the weapon to completely see Drexl off. All in all, it was a rather chaotic wrestling match but one for which I appreciate the nerdy references.

Featured Image Credit: kiddbanditpro via Twitter, Nintendo

Topics: Real Life, Disney, Square Enix

Kate Harrold
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