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Best Man Gives Amazing Halo Speech At Friend's Wedding

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Best Man Gives Amazing Halo Speech At Friend's Wedding

Halo is a series that's important to a lot of people - I know, I work with some of them. What's also special to people, usually, is their wedding day. Or days, if they're so inclined (I guess the plural might take the shine off the first, mind). Anyway, as spotted on Reddit, here's a best man giving a best man's speech that references Halo in a very awesome way.


As you can see in the video embedded below, this best man runs through a metaphorical multiplayer map with the scores on the doors tied at 49-49. Classic Blue versus Red scenes. And then, an Overshield. You know the Overshield: big ol' defensive boost, pushing your stats above their normal highs. Two hundred or three hundred percent, depends on the Halo you're playing. Either way, it's a Good Thing. Much like finding your perfect life partner. Kinda? We'll go with it.

It's probably best at this point that you just watch the video...


Cute, right? Or, as other Reddit users have commented: "beautiful", "epic", "gold", "so wholesome", and "un-friggen-believable". Says our man with the microphone, as gentle laughs ring out, amazed at what is unfolding:

"You and Andrea (the wife of this particular wedding, who has married Chuck) are on Blue team, versus two others. The score is tied 49-49 on Hang 'Em High, with game set to 50. The enemies are on [the] big tower, Andrea took rockets and is rushing them for the last kill."

Watch below: two Halo nerds talk about Halo Infinite...



Okay, scenario established, let's fast-forward: "You come to her aid, Chuck. You pick up the Overshield, [and] risk your life with the Overshield, to take all the bullets." Fast-forward just a bit more, and: "You win 51-49, because you put her first, Chuck. What I mean to say is, be Andrea's Overshield, Chuck. And always have her back in life."

Yeah, it's all a bit lovely. Good luck to Chuck and Andrea. In non-wedding but entirely Halo-related news, a special themed Series X console is already being scalped, tsk; and we spoke to Halo's legendary multiplayer announcer who told us that games companies need to "stop being pussies". Oh, and Chuck, Andrea... we also found a certain something that might've been apt and very useful, on your wedding night. Halo Infinite is released on December 8, but you already knew that.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios

Topics: Halo, Xbox

Mike Diver
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