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Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Tells Gamers To Shun Console Wars And Celebrate All Games

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Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Tells Gamers To Shun Console Wars And Celebrate All Games

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has once again called on gamers to stop fighting over which piece of plastic is the best piece of plastic.


Gamers have been arguing over whether PlayStation or Xbox is better for over two decades now. Before that, it was Nintendo VS SEGA. Before that? Jenga vs Kerplunk. Probably.


These days most of us can probably admit that scrapping over which console or company is best is a really dumb thing to do. There are more important things in life, right? Unfortunately, there will always be a vocal minority that continues to hurl insults into the digital void, making the world just a shade less pleasant in the process.


Spencer, who has repeatedly made it clear he doesn't want Xbox fans being assholes about PlayStation, accepted a Lifetime Achievement award at the DICE Awards 2022 last week.

After picking up his prize, Spencer spoke to IGN about the ongoing tribalism in games, and the way hostility can spill over and affect the developers who just want to make cool things for us to play.

“I think it’s very often that creations can be kind of weaponized and used in battles between platforms and other things,” Spencer said. “I look at everybody who is brave enough to create something, put it out…have their peers, the industry, players, play and analyze and talk about what they do. And let’s just celebrate the fact that so many great games are coming out from so many creators, and realize that’s such a foundation for where this industry is going to go.”


Critics may point out that moves like buying Bethesda and making The Elder Scrolls VI Xbox exclusive seem exclusionary, but that rather ignores everything else Xbox and Microsoft is doing. No, you won't be able to play The Elder Scrolls VI on a PlayStation 5. But do you know where you will be able to play it as long as you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription? Pretty much any other device with a screen and an internet connection. So let's just put the console wars to bed and enjoy video games, yeah? Yeah.

Featured Image Credit: Sony/Microsoft

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Ewan Moore
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