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Discord Users Can Get Xbox Game Pass For Free Right Now

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Discord Users Can Get Xbox Game Pass For Free Right Now

It’s hard to talk about Xbox Game Pass without sounding like a bit of a Microsoft shill. I mean, I could prefix this article by saying I’m absolutely not a Microsoft shill, but if anything that makes me sound like more of a Microsoft shill. Plus, I’ve written Microsoft shill so many times in this opening paragraph that no matter what, you probably think I’m a Microsoft shill. Am I right? I bet I’m right. 



Since I’m already in too deep, I might as well say that Xbox Game Pass is really, really, ridiculously good. I have to stress that Xbox has always comfortably ranked third for me in terms of the big three. Nintendo takes the top spot, and PlayStation follows close behind, but Xbox? I’ve never been that fussed. I’m in no rush to get a Series X, and its exclusives don’t do that much for me. 

But Xbox Game Pass? Hoo boy, Xbox Game Pass is something else. Suddenly I have access to hundreds of games that I can download straight to my console or stream on my laptop or phone. Playing Batman: Arkham Knight in bed on my mobile feels illegal, but it works! I love it. I love it so much. 


Anyway, if you’ve been on the fence about Xbox Game Pass, you’ll be glad to know that certain Discord users can currently get two months on the service free of charge. Thanks to a new partnership between Xbox and Discord, Discord Nitro members have until April next year to head into their inventories and redeem a code for two whole months of Xbox Game Pass. Not too shabby at all. 


Unfortunately this deal does come with two rather major caveats. The first and more obvious one is that you need to be a paid-up Discord Nitro member. The second, less clear catch is that if you’ve previously had a subscription to Xbox Game Pass, you won’t be eligible to redeem a code. That’s kind of a bummer, and not something Xbox or Discord make very clear. Still, if you’re really set on it, it wouldn’t be too hard to simply create a new Microsoft account and take advantage of those two months. 

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft/Discord

Topics: Xbox Game Pass, Xbox, Microsoft

Ewan Moore
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