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Gamer Surprises 12-Year-Old Neighbor With Original Xbox To Show Him Where It All Started


Gamer Surprises 12-Year-Old Neighbor With Original Xbox To Show Him Where It All Started

If you think about it, gaming, and especially console gaming, hasn't been around all that long. Those who remember the first arcade machines are still gaming with the rest of us, but new generations of gamers are still being introduced to the hobby all the time. Many of them don't know what it was like to play a Nintendo DS, Gamecube, PlayStation 2, and more. So, it's pretty heartwarming to see a top guy give his original Xbox to a 12-year-old kid so they can get a little history lesson.


The wholesome story was told on Reddit under the subreddit r/gaming. User PetersRevenge was doing a little clear out (as many of us have during lockdown) and he found his old Xbox with a few classic games. He shows a picture of the start screen so we all see the Xbox is still live and well before a text conversation with the lucky neighbour about to receive the console, and it sounds like he doesn't believe his luck.

"What! Are you sure? That's a fib" is the kid's response when the owner offers him the gaming system. Although we obviously don't know this kid personally, the disbelief and that he asks if the owner is sure makes us think that he's a good kid, you know? And we can't forget how kind it is to gift a console to someone else who would get many hours of enjoyment out of it, so Peter, you rule too.


Also, don't worry, Peter mentioned in a comment that these aren't all the games the kid is getting, he's already made sure they're getting a copy of Halo too. Phew, how can someone have an Xbox without playing a little Halo along the way right?

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft / PetersRevenge (via Reddit)

Topics: Halo, Xbox, News

Imogen Mellor
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