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Spider-Man Is Finally On Xbox, But It Seems Super Illegal


Spider-Man Is Finally On Xbox, But It Seems Super Illegal

Out of all the PlayStation exclusives available, I'd argue that Marvel's Spider-Man is probably the one that most upsets Xbox fans.


We all grew up with Spidey, after all, regardless of which console we chose. There's also the fact that the webhead was always multiplatform up until 2018... so when the first exclusive Spider-Man game also ended up being the best yet? Well, I can understand why people were mad.

Take a look at Marvel's Spider-Man 2 in action below. Obviously this will also be PlayStation exclusive, because why wouldn't it be?



The good news is that Xbox users can finally enjoy a Spider-Man game of their own. I'm just not entirely certain it's legal. Like, at all.

As spotted by Wario64 on Twitter, a game called SpiderMan Shooter is currently available to download and play via the Microsoft Store. I double checked for myself and it is, somewhat unbelievably, a real game that is on sale on Microsoft's official store. I'm honestly lost for words.


SpiderMan Shooter,
which is currently 70% off and available for a modest $1.49, is the work of developer and publisher ‪ilker bekmezci‬. In the one screenshot available, our hero stands on the Great Wall of China and shoots webs at oncoming robots in what looks like a side-scrolling shooter.

"The famous Spider-Man destroys enemies by throwing webs," reads the official description. "The more enemies you catch in the spider web, the more points you get."

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Sony absolutely did not approve this game. Quite how it slipped through the cracks and ended up on the Microsoft store remains to be seen, but the fact it launched in September this year means that's already been up for weeks. Has anyone actually bought it? I'm not sure, but I can't imagine it's going to be allowed to stay up much longer now that people are starting to notice it. Godspeed, Spider-Man.

Featured Image Credit: Sony/Microsoft

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Ewan Moore
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