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​There’s A ‘Gears 5’ Glitch That Turns It Into A First-Person Shooter

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​There’s A ‘Gears 5’ Glitch That Turns It Into A First-Person Shooter

Gears of War was far from the first third-person shooter, but the series' success on Xbox 360 certainly worked to popularise the genre. And, while there are off-shoots from Gears now emerging - like the isometric turn-based game Gears Tactics - the mainstream series is still firmly a third-person shooter. However, a glitch in Gears 5 shows what a first-person Gears of War game could look like.


Twitter user ArturiusTheMage shared a video showing off an odd glitch they stumbled into while playing Gears 5's campaign:

The glitch snaps the camera from the regular over the shoulder view into protagonist Kait's head. It gives a nice new perspective on the 13-year-old series. By having the camera lower down and pitched level (rather than looking downwards), the environments looks larger and more foreboding. Unfortunately, the footage ArturiusTheMage shared doesn't show off the more impressive environments of Gears 5's campaign. I've been playing through the story and there are some huge set pieces and complex environments that would be great to explore in first-person.


The glitch doesn't provide a perfect first-person mode to explore. While the guns appear in view, when ArturiusTheMage goes to look down the scope of their Longshot, the gun model glitches and clips. Though, considering this isn't how the game is meant to be viewed, it's not surprising it doesn't work perfectly.

There are other players who are reporting the glitch on Reddit and while no one has worked out how to successfully recreate it yet, it appears to only be affecting players in Act 2 of the campaign. So, if you're looking to play in first-person, head on over to that part of the story and start trying to break things. Entering a cutscene looks to resolve the issue so if you get the first-person mode don't rush ahead in the campaign or you'll lose it.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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Julian Benson
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